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Why Join the UB Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership Alumni Association?

From networking opportunities to continuous learning and invaluable business resources, CELAA's numerous membership benefits speak for themselves.  Find a summary of membership benefits below.
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Membership Benefits

Alum-for-Alum Clinic Program

The Alum-for-Alum program is an exclusive CELAA benefit that provides CEL Alum access to a pool of experts for feedback regarding issues such as crisis management and opportunity evaluation. Upon application (including a clearly identified needs analysis) and acceptance into this program, participating members will engage in two sessions, similar to Clinic presentation. The first meeting maintains the Clinic presentation format and the second meeting includes a follow-up of objectives and action items. Don't miss out on this exclusive benefit to gain knowledge and expertise on any crisis and/or growth opportunities for your business!

Mentors & Reactors Program

Do you think you have valuable business knowledge and know-how that can benefit other business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders? The Mentors & Reactors Program is a way for you to engage with the CEL Core Program participants and offer valued insight and expert knowledge. Give back and employ your wisdom to benefit other aspiring entrepreneurial leaders.

School of Management Alumni Association Benefits (SOMAA)

All CELAA members receive exclusive SOMMA benefits. SOMMA benefits include discounted event registration, discounts off registration fees for selected courses, and campus merchandise discounts. To see details of the complete list of benefits visit Some highlights of the UBAA benefits are listed below: 

  • Member Rewards Program: Members may be awarded free tickets to upcoming events, education grants for study at UB, grants for professional development, donations to a charity of choice, trips back to campus and more.
  • Discounted Registration Fees to Alumni Events: Receive notification of and participate in School of Management Alumni Association events. These events include the annual awards banquet, wine tasting dinner, annual golf outing, summer boat cruise, annual meeting, and networking events. Also, discounts for Alumni Association members are offered for most UB events.
  • Connect with UB Alumni: As a member of both the School of Management Alumni Association and the UB Alumni Association, you have the opportunity to participate in alumni events in both U.S. and international chapters.
  • Discounted Registration Fees for Executive Education Programs: The Center for Executive Development offers non-credit-bearing courses for personal growth.  School of Management Alumni Association members are entitled to discounts off registration fees for selected courses.
  • Merchandise Discounts from Campus Tees and Snacks: Campus Tees and Snacks offers quality alumni merchandise at a 15 percent discount (applies to regular priced items only) for members of the Alumni Association. You may place orders in person at the UB Commons, 520 Lee Entrance, North Campus or online.

UB Alumni Association Benefits (UBAA)

All CELAA members receive exclusive UBAA benefits. UBAA benefits are far reaching and include everything from travel discounts to on-campus parking permits and remote access to the JSTOR & EBSCO Database. To see a complete listing of benefits visit Some highlights of the UBAA benefits can be found below: 

  • UB Connect Business Exchange Directory: Advertise your business online - for free - to thousands of other UB alumni as well as online community members from around the country.
  • Alumni Association Event Discounts: Members receive a wide range of discounts on a variety of alumni association events. 
  • UB Bulls Tickets: Save $2 off individual game tickets.
  • UB Center for the Arts: Members get discounted admission to many shows and concerts in the world-class Center for the Arts on UB's North Campus.
  • UB Distinguished Speakers Series: UB's Distinguished Speakers Series brings some of the most intriguing public figures of the times, from U.S. presidents and politicians to international authors, comedians and scientists.  UBAA Members get the UB faculty and staff price for DSS lectures.
  • On-campus Parking Permit: Planning on visiting campus? UBAA members can receive an on-campus parking permit which will allow them to park in designated lots on both North and South Campus.
  • UB Libraries: Onsite Borrowing Privileges: Only UB Alumni Association members have borrowing privileges at all campus locations, as well as full onsite access to all searchable databases. Visit any UB library and present your UBAA membership card.
  • UB Libraries: Remote Access to JSTOR & EBSCO Database:Members can remotely access JSTOR and EBSCO Academic Search Alumni Edition and Business Source Alumni Edition!
  • Willie R. Evans UBAA Legacy Scholarship: This $2,500 scholarship is open only to children or grandchildren of UBAA members. 

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