Letter from the Chair 2015

The first year of this board's term focused on shoring up infrastructure in
the organization. In year 2, as promised, we are focusing on programming while maintaining a "less is more" approach. Here's an update as we close in on the end of 2015:

Web site - the board conducted a sealed bid process to completely rebuild the site and chose 360PSG as the vendor. The new site will be simpler, easier to use and will be optimized for mobile devices. Launch expected in early 2016.

Education (half) Day - we had a great, well attended event that was a lot of fun at the Pierce Arrow Museum in October. The next one will be in early spring and will also include our organization's brief, annual meeting.  Several people have asked me for contact info in order to find out about UB School of Management interns. Please contact Carrie Gardner at [email protected].

Class Connections - this is a pilot program rolling out in 2016 for the graduating 2016 Core class and possibly others.  It will be a structured, regular template for graduating classes to maintain the relationships with their class and will help to continue their CEL experience with a focus on integrating the group into the general alumni association. It will be run by the CEL office but fueled by the passion, energy and expertise of the alumni association. Although we are pretty far along, I need to withhold details as they may change slightly as this comes to fruition.  This we will be ready for implementation by spring 2016.

Holiday Party - Lynn Siegel, Renee Cerullo and the rest of the committee are knocking it out of the park this year. Be there at Salvatore's or miss the fun on 12/17/15. See www.celaaholiday.com.

GOLF! - We need 2 or 3 more volunteers for the golf committee - please contact Jeff Reed at [email protected]. Next year's date is set for August 8, 2016 at River Oaks. It was a lot of fun last year start to finish. Several have asked me, "why not a private club?" Choices were even more limited this year as some of the private clubs aren't allowing outside tournaments in July and August.

Financials - we ended our fiscal year with a slight positive increase above our healthy reserve in our bank account, excellent news when you are a non-profit. Our treasurer, Brian Laible and the finance committee, led by Rosanne Braxton and Steve Davis have have done a stellar job.

Alum for Alum - do you need a CEL shot in the arm with a crisis or a pressing issue in your business? Contact Jenna Roessler at the CEL office. This is a brief "clinic-like" approach with a few of your peers to air out the issue(s) and look at options. Contact Jenna at [email protected] for details.

Any questions, concerns, comments, reach me direct at 716-880-4442 or [email protected].


Michael Olear

President - Olear Realty Group, Inc.


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