10 Ways To Make Lemonade From a Lemon Booth Location - By Francine Brooks, FB Displays & Designs, Inc

10 Ways to Make Lemonade From a Lemon Booth Location

Stuck in the back corner of the hall or behind a column? Miss out on getting into the main exhibit hall? Here's how you can see all your clients, steal your competitor's clients too and have a successful show:

1. Send out a pre-show mailer.
It doesn't matter if it's an elaborate press kit or a quick e-mail, send something telling clients and prospects you're not going to be easy to find, but the extra effort will be rewarded.

2. Sponsor a coffee break.
Talk show management into allowing you to sponsor a coffee or beverage break. Then put a very colorful sign nearby with a map to your booth and a prize or discount offer for attendees who find you.

3. Follow your nose.
The sense of smell in powerful enough to lead attendees to something that just might be good to eat, like popcorn, fresh baked cookies, or home-made bread.

4. Give them a yellow brick road.
Convince show management to let you place stickers on the aisle carpet leading attendees to your booth. These can be arrows, footprints or pictures of your product.

5. Give them what they want.
Do some serious brainstorming and come up with a novel - a really, really novel - promotional item that will allow people to wear or carry your logo to the masses. The right item will cause people to ask where they can get one for themselves.

6. Let Elvis do your talking.
Hire costumed temps to hand something (samples, coupons, flyers with maps to your space) to attendees as they come into the facility. Some show managers will let you rent space or will designate a specific location for this activity.

7. Give them the shirt off your back.
Dress your entire staff in shirts with a map to your booth on the back and your logo on the front.

8. Sponsor headrest covers on the shuttle buses.
Put your logo and booth location on the back of every shuttle bus seat headrest so that everyone knows how to find you once they are in the hall.

9. Take advantage of exhibitor presentations.
Some shows offer exhibitors an opportunity to give educational presentations that include the chance to slip in a pitch for your company and location. Once again, be sure your pitch includes a map of the exhibit floor with your space highlighted.

10. Network like a madman!
Take advantage of every networking event. Pass out business cards with your booth number on them - maps too if your booth is hard to find. Buy drinks, dinner and pass out promotional items or discount coupons to everyone you meet or see.

10 1/2. Brownnose the show manager.
Don't be afraid to talk to show management about your dilemma. The more they know that you are serious about maximizing your presence at their show, the more likely you'll be able to get first option on a better location if someone pulls out or is a no-show.

Francine  Brooks
FB Displays & Designs, Inc

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