Location: Salvatore's Italian Gardens

Time: Registration 11:30am | Lunch/Keynote: 12pm | Ask the Experts: 2pm | Happy Hour: 5-7pm 

Cost: $50 per person

By being a member of the CEL Alumni Association, you are one of over 1,400 Buffalo leaders passionate about improving the WNY community & economy.  Take advantage of this day to share & learn about what fellow entrepreneurs deem relevant and important in their world.  

"Servant leadership" is a catchy phrase that shows up often in top business magazines and in leadership trainings, but is it really meaningful or just the new business fad of the hour? In this presentation we'll dive into the history and research behind the term to uncover what it really means, how it works, and what the evidence says about its results. Along the way we'll dive into leadership itself and examine what the research says about how the best and most effective leaders operate. We'll close with seven leadership behaviors which over a hundred peer-reviewed studies indicate are some of the very most effective in modern businesses and organizations (and at least one of them will surprise you).

The Ask the Experts Portion of the day features 22 speakers that have the opportunity to share about a topic of their choice for 20 minutes each.  Attendees choose a presentation for each of the 6 time slots from 1 of 4 breakout rooms (with the opportunity to switch rooms between sessions). Stick around for a Happy Hour directly following the presentations.  Invite a guest or prospective candidate to join you for all or part of the day to let them experience the CEL network.

Stay tuned for the speaker list! 

Stick around for a CEL Recruitment Happy Hour directly following the presentations. Invite a prospective candidate to join you for all or part of the day to experience the CEL network.


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