Alum-for-Alum Clinic Program

The Alum-for-Alum program is an exclusive Alumni Association benefit that provides CEL Alum access to a pool of experts for feedback regarding issues such as crisis management and opportunity evaluation. Upon application (including a clearly identified needs analysis) and acceptance into this program, members will engage in two sessions, similar to a Clinic presentation. The first meeting maintains the Clinic presentation format and the second meeting includes a follow-up of objectives and action items. Don't miss out on this exclusive benefit to gain knowledge and expertise on any crisis and/or growth opportunities for your business!

Alum-for-Alum Clinic

As a Alumni Association member, you can request a free clinic to help you work through a challenge or explore a positive opportunity. Please use the form below to place your request and the Alum-for-Alum committee will be in touch very quickly. 

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